Monday, January 28, 2008

Pro-lifers bear witness to life on Parliament Hill on this dark day

Received by email:

On January 28th, 2008 30 to 40 die-hard pro-lifers answered a quasi impromptu call of Nicholas McLeod with Carleton Lifeline with only a few days notice at best. The purpose of the rally on Parliament Hill was to challenge the Morgentaler Ruling on this the 20th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision. Pamphlets and bilingual press releases were prepared by the tireless Nicholas. Poignant banners were obtained from the Lifeline as well as Campaign Life Coalition (see attached pictures made by Paul Lauzon from CLC).

All age groups were represented by the pro-lifers.... from retirees to university students. A few took an extended lunch break from work to be present at the rally. The hearts of many a passer-by was stolen by the Millan children (Emily, Natalie, Julia and Benjamin) who managed to get excused from classes and accompany their mother Cynthia to this event. Among those who were particularly touched by these youngsters were a group of about 20 visiting Brazilian youth who appeared to be scandalized by the fact that abortions are legal in Canada . They are blessed in that abortions are illegal in Brazil .

From the steps leading to the Parliament (where no protesters were usually allowed), the Millan children prayed the rosary and then held up their signs and waved to the coming buses carrying politicians for the opening of the next session of Parliament. Pierre Lemieux , Conservative MP for Prescott Russell walked down the steps to meet all the pro-lifers individually.

There were a few journalists and TV cameramen who took notice of the protest as they walked up to the parliament. Deborah Gyapong a reporter with Canadian Catholic News (her articles often appear in The Western Catholic Reporter) did an interview with Nicholas McLeod. All in all a very successful and rewarding rally, and Nicholas should be congratulated for taking this initiative of enabling us to stand up and show that abortion is far from a settled matter in our country.

In case you haven’t read it, in today’s Ottawa Citizen there was an article entitled: Freedom to discuss “Choice”, by two outstanding women: Brigitte Pellerin and Andrea Mrozek In this article they discuss a Youtube video by a California hip-hop group called “Flipsyde” entitled “Happy Birthday”. It apparently made the top ten in Germany , Austria , Sweden and Poland . Pity that most Canadians have not heard of it. Worth listening to.

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