Friday, February 08, 2008

California: Another clinic operator is charged

Surprise, surprise.

By the time paramedics arrived, the patient was lying in a pool of her own blood, her pulse racing and her blood pressure dangerously low.

The woman, identified only as Angela P. in records of the Medical Board of California, had gone to the Clinica Medica Para la Mujer de Hoy in Santa Ana in the summer of 2004 for an abortion.

Safe and legal, ha! Might as well have used a coathanger!

Dr. Phillip Rand, then in his early 80s, performed a vaginal suction procedure, despite having determined that Angela was about 20 weeks pregnant, well into her second trimester. She was given no anesthesia or painkillers.

Yep, might as well.


Holy cow, anyone who knows anything about abortion knows that a suction abortion is not performed on a 20-week baby.

Angela P.'s experience was cited in a 2004 medical board accusation against Rand as "barbaric" and a "severe departure" from a reasonable standard of care. Rand surrendered his license in 2005.

But did that clinic close after that atrocious display of gross incompetence? Why no!

Killing fetuses is way too important, doncha know. Even if women have to die over it.

Now Bertha Bugarin, 48, who authorities say manages the clinics, has been charged with practicing medicine without a license on five patients in February and March 2007, according to a statement from Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley's office. Her sister Raquel Bugarin, 49, is accused of helping with the procedures. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Gee abortion clinic operators practicing medicine without a license.

Where have I heard that before....


Since the early 1990s, at least 12 personal injury and malpractice lawsuits and one wrongful death suit have been filed in Los Angeles County against Bertha Bugarin, the clinics or both. The defendants in the suits denied most of the allegations.

Did any feminists rise up and defend these women? Good question.

Some doctors associated with the clinics have had repeated problems with the medical board.

I'm shocked.

Braemer, the Torrance doctor who appears on some public records as owner of the clinics, admitted to the board in 1994 that he performed an abortion in 1987 that removed only one arm of the fetus. The patient expelled the rest of the fetus the next day.

You don't say.

In 1999, the board accused Braemer of leaving a fetus' cranium and placenta inside a patient during a 1996 abortion at the Panorama City clinic.

More proof: abortionists are the bottom-feeders of the medical profession. They get the worst doctors because no one wants to do them.

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