Friday, February 08, 2008

Denise Mountenay's testimony about her abortion

My favourite song is ‘Amazing Grace’…I was 16 the first time I got pregnant, I thought if my Mom thinks its okay to have an abortion, and the Government thinks it okay ,and the doctors think its okay, then it must be…I was dead wrong. I like many women used abortion as a form of birth control… the doctor told me that it was just a “clump of tissue” another lie. My babies had a beating heart, vital organs and perfect tiny arms, legs, fingers and toes at 9 weeks! They also told me it was a “safe” procedure…but I got an infection, damaged cervix, and badly scarred uterus! For years I fought depression, guilt and had unresolved grief. God is so wonderful that he granted me another child, SHAWN, a survivor of my womb…and he is the greatest joy of my life…but doctors say that my uterus was so damaged from abortions, that they couldn’t believe I had him! Sadly, we were never able to have any more children.

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