Friday, February 08, 2008

Feel the compassion from the feminist side

SUZANNE takes me to task for my observation that maybe, just maybe, *some* of the women who have seemingly insurmountable post-abortive psychological issues -- I'm looking at you, Denise -- were a little f*cked up to begin with.

Keep digging, JJ. You're just proving my point.

Either women get over their pain, or they're mentally ill, or they're fuck-ups to begin with.

There is NO POSSIBILITY WHATSOEVER that abortion caused them long-term, lasting damage.

All of the women who testify regret about their abortions were somehow mentally off kilter to begin with.

Her translation is that "feminists" (such pigeonholery!) "dismiss post-abortive trauma" -- all and absolutely.

There are pro-abortion feminists who acknowledge post-abortion trauma?

Bring 'em on!

If she were to be really, brutally honest, she'd also have to admit that the odious creeps who exploit emotionally-fragile women and perpetuate their trauma with no regard for anything but the furthering of their agenda are the real villains in the scenario.

Yeah, no the abortion clinics that push the fragile women into these abortions to make a buck.

As if the women who choose to share their stories don't do this of their own volition.

Trust women with abortion. Just not when they speak about abortion.

But it's no big news flash to most of us that ideology trumps honesty when it comes to pushing the anti-choice agenda.

Let's see. Feminism is about advancing women's interests. Numerous women claim that abortion is bad for them.

Feminism ignores them and dismisses them as mentally deranged.

I wonder why so many women do not want to be called feminists...

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