Friday, February 08, 2008

Sign the Online Petition to Save Sam Golubchuk


Samuel Golubchuk is an elderly resident of Winnipeg, Canada. Four years ago he became disabled after a fall. Since then he has been confined to a wheelchair and has difficulty communicating. Despite these impairments, Sam has led an active life under the loving care of his devoted family, his loving friends, and the staff of the home where he lives.

In October of last year, Sam contracted pneumonia. He was brought to Winnigeg's Grace Hospital where, with treatment, overcame his illness. Due to his weakened condition, however, Sam has not been able to return to his home. He has been forced to remain in where he is being fed intravenously and breathing with the on-again, off-again help of a respirator.

In November of last year doctors decided that they should not have to continue treating Sam, citing his age, his diminished capacity, and the need for the bed and other resources that he is currently using, as their reasons. Naturally, Sam's children refused to give their consent to withdrawing treatment. In the province of Manitoba, however, where Winnipeg is located, the governing policy gives the doctors the last word in matters of life and death. The doctors in this case opted to ignore the wishes and instructions of Sam's family and withdraw treatment, to let Sam die.

On November 30, Sam's family sought and obtained a temporary Court Order prohibiting the hospital from stopping Sam's treatment. The hospital is fighting at taxpayers' expense to get that Order overturned while Sam's family is accumulating ruinous legal fees defending their father's right to live!

We the undersigned demand that the Winnipeg Grace Hospital immediately cease its taxpayer-funded court case against the family of Sam Golubchuk and continue providing treatment for Sam according to their wishes and instructions.


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