Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Canada Family Wants Unborn Victims Law for Justice for Pregnant Mom

Ottawa, Canada ( The family of a pregnant Canadian teenager who was murdered along with her unborn child is calling on MPs in the Canadian Parliament to approve a bill that would allow prosecutors to hold criminals accountable for both deaths. Manjit Panghali is one of several pregnant women in Canada who had been killed in recent years.

Once again, a family was deprived of unborn family member.

Once again, our legal system did not recognize the loss of this family member.

Once again, the feminists are cold to the real nature of the loss: the loss-- not of a body part-- but of a member of the family.

Yet, because of their belief in the sanctity of abortion, they cannot and will not render justice to the woman's family/estate.

Their prejudice against the fetus will only work against them. Simply because they cannot confront the fetus-- not without looking callous and uncaring.

They never have. And I wonder if they ever will.

Just consider what they call people who care about the fetus: "fetus fetishists".

The white supremacists of old used to consider people who favoured equality to be "nigger lovers". They thought there was something freakish and mentally unbalanced in fighting for the rights of inferior human brings.

And the feminists do the same thing to people who fight for the rights and the dignity of unborn children. They are considered freakish and mentally unbalanced.

Who in their right mind would care about the status of the fetus?

Guess what? A lot of people do.

The general population of Canada may be content to leave others dispose of their fetuses as they wish. But when it comes to their own, the ones that they want to keep, they are very protective.

The feminists try to appear conciliatory and compassionate in public, their hearts going out to the families of the victims.

But how can you believe the sincerity of the sentiments, when, behind the public's back, they spout opinions such as "fetuses don't matter" or "fetuses are blobs of tissue" or "fetuses are a potential life"? How are those beliefs compatible with expressing sorrow to the victims' families over the loss of the women AND their unborn children.

Oh I'm sure that feminists are sympathetic about the loss of a pregnancy. Many women have been there. But losing a pregnancy isn't the same as losing the member of the family. Most women could probably do without the nausea, the heartburn, the constipation and so forth. They are not attached to the pregnancy per se. They love their unborn children.

I'll say it before and I'll say it again: the pro-abortion ideology will implode through its own contradictions. It cannot stand up to scrutiny, facts and logic. If nothing else, Canadians love underdogs. When Canadians get to know the unborn child, they will side with him because he is weak, powerless and beloved. And feminists can't fight that.

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