Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unsafe and Illegal: Abortion Business Owner Sentenced in Florida

When abortion was legalized in the Western World, feminists foresaw the end of back-alley abortions performed by untrained quacks who put who put women's lives at risk.

Well plus ├ža change.

The owner of southern Florida abortion centers pleaded guilty in late December to practicing medicine without a medical license, though the news is only coming to light now. Belkis Gonzalez, who owns the A Gyn of Miramar abortion center, was arrested on two felony counts related to abortions at the


According to a statement Operation Rescue sent, Gonzalez changed her plea two months ago and was sentenced to 5 years probation and told she can no longer work in the medical field.

However, the pro-life group indicates her 23-year old daughter, Natali Vergara, is now operating the abortion business.

What the heck does a 23-year-old know about running an abortion clinic? This is legal? What's her degree in? Does she have a degree?

And oh yeah...

Senises is also accused of assisting in abortions herself, although she has no medical license, and allowing a secretary to hand out prescription drugs. OR told that Senises faces trial later this month.

One more time: Abortion is a shady business. Legalization did not make it less shady.

Five other people have been charged in association with the investigation, and, according to documents in the case, Kieron Nisbet, who had a limited medical license to only practice in a hospital, and Robelto Osborne, who had his license revoked by the state, were doing the abortions at the centers.

Osborne told the Miami Herald that the women knew his license had been canceled but they allowed him to do abortions anyway.

Once again: on average, it's the bottom-feeders of the medical profession who do abortions.

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