Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Poor-choicer blind to her own rhetoric

In the wake of the CFS-Ontario vote to support campuses that ban pro-life group, uber-abortion proponent Joyce Arthur is quoted as saying that pro-life groups are comparable to Neo-Nazis.

That's interesting. Because Nazis weren't known for giving rights to people. Whereas pro-lifers are seeking rights for unborn children.

Nazis wanted to kill people they believed to be sub-human. Now who does that sound like: pro-lifers, or feminists?

Nazis were very much against free speech, and sought to silence the opposition. Again, who does that sound like: pro-lifers, or feminists?

See, they're purposely blind to their own rhetoric and unable to confront the true issue: that of the abortion procedure and the status of the unborn child.

It is true this represents a setback for pro-lifers, but if pro-lifers persevere, they can turn this into a victory in the long run.


Because in spreading the pro-life message, people will begin to question: how is giving rights to a segment of the human population like Nazis? What about the unborn child? What say you of the unborn child? The best feminists can do is evasion. Deep down, many of them simply do not believe the unborn child is worth anything.

So who's more like Nazis?

The pro-life movement is a human rights movement. If I had one piece of advice to college pro-life groups, it would be to re-cast themselves as such. They shouldn't be anti-abortion groups, they should be fetal rights groups.

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