Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ontario Young Liberals: Vote-buying with booze

The Ontario Young Liberals will be having elections soon, and one slate-- the "OYL Beyond"-- is not above buying votes using alcohol.

Brendan Beamish created a now-secret facebook group to invite people to a "piss up" to vote for Shawn Kerr, the leader of the slate.

And it's the second annual "piss up", no less.

Scott's Diatribe documents the story.

Brendan Beamish, the group's creator says:

For those that missed last year's festivities in Kingston, it can honestly be said that it was one of the most redonkulous [sic] weekends of the year.

Take a few hundred Young Liberals with a genuine interest in this country's politics. Now add a bunch of our idiot friends, genuinely interested in the politics of being shitfaced, and you've got a recipe for a great weekend.

Free hotel, free booze. All you have to do is get your ass out of bed in the morning to vote for our boy.

These are the future leaders of our country folks. Nice to know they're getting a head start on bribing people for their votes. And treating their electorate with such respect.

I've been part of political youth wings in the past. I've never heard of vote-buying with booze before. Sure, lots of drinking, lots of pot, lots sex.

But never out-and-out vote-buying.

I'm curious: do these youth have any formal role in the Liberal Party of Canada?

Is this the kind of behaviour the Liberal Party of Canada wants to condone? I would think not. Perhaps they should keep an eye on the kids. And I used "kids" deliberately, as this is rather juvenile behaviour.

I would hate for a member of the Liberal Party's governoring apparatus to be elected based on his ability to get all his friends drunk. Not very becoming, if you ask me.

And another thing: any underaged drinking going on? I wouldn't be surprised if there was. Liberals engaging in criminal activity. There's something novel.

I'm really glad Scott Tribe documented this. I realize he'll probably get some flak about this. The whole party side of youth wings politics has always bothered me. Maybe I'm too uptight, but I think youth wing conventions and elections should be for serious members only.

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