Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unborn victims of crime: look at what happened

Two years ago, an Edmonton man murdered Mary Talbot’s daughter Olivia and her unborn baby.

During his trial, Gerard Baker admitted taking three shots at Olivia “to get the baby,” Talbot told a Feb. 14 news conference on Parliament Hill.

Not only did Baker kill Talbot’s beloved “baby girl,” he killed their “beloved grandson.”

She was able to hold baby Lane Jr. briefly after his death and “he was perfect in every way.”

But Baker faced no penalty for the death of Lane Jr, though he was found guilty of murdering Olivia.

Stabbed to death

Aydin Cocelli of Toronto shared a similar story. In 2007, a man stabbed his sister-in-law Aysun Sesen, who was eight months pregnant, to death. When the family heard of her death, their immediate concern was, “How’s the baby?” he said.

“The baby died already,” they were told. Cocelli said the family had already known she was a girl. She had even been named while still in the womb.

“I hope no one ever goes through this again,” he said.

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The abortion lobby has its talking points on unborn victims of crime.

But these talking points ignore that nature of the tragedy of losing an unborn relative to crime.

Feminists want to treat the fetus as "one" with the mother.

But is that how people really treat their wanted unborn children?


Losing a fetus is a different loss than losing a body part or losing a partner.

They do not acknowledge that. They do not acknowledge that the fetus has any value in an of itself. They may say the mother may value the fetus, but that the rest of society is not obligated to honour that value.

In other words, for feminists, society has no obligation to value the fetus in any way, shape or form.

It's a little patronizing, frankly. I value my unborn child. But feminists will treat that value as figment of my imagination-- the way a mother treats her child's imaginary best friend. It's all a figment of the woman's imagination-- the value of a fetus is not for real. But they act like it is, for the sake of the woman, because they can't come out and speak their official line: the fetus has no value whatsoever. They don't have the courage of their convictions.

What the fight really boils down to is this: feminists want society to deny any value to the fetus whatsoever.

Whereas proponents of unborn victims of crime want society to acknowledge some value to the fetus.

That is the nature of the fight.

Now perhaps some feminists, in their heart of hearts, may privately attribute some value to the fetus. But they will not divulge that sentiment or act on that value in public because they know that the right to abortion in this country is based on the myth that the fetus and the mother are one.

They are being disingenuous. But seeing as abortion is more important than any fetus or any woman's grief, they have to maintain that buffalo stance. They will not let any argument crack the myth of the "one body", even if, in private, they don't really behave that way, and know that they don't. No non-pregnant person looks at their tummy and talks to it. No non-pregnant person gets excited over an ultrasound over a body part.

But they have to act like no one does. Because otherwise they know that they cannot maintain their contradiction. They do not touch the subject of the fetus. They cannot confront it. Confronting the fetus is the first step in the downfall of their anti-fetus ideology.

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