Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The heresy of modernism to a tee

From Five Feet of Fury:

Liberals. Nothing ever is what it is. Iraq (and every other war) is "Vietnam". America is "Nazi Germany", Muslims are the new "Jews", trannies in the ladies room are the new "Rosa Parks"...

Everything is "the same" as everything else -- unless you make a legitimate analogy, in which case, "Oh, but that's different!" It's like how gay theorists see "gayness" everywhere (All About Eve, Johnny Guitar) except where it actually is (gay priests molesting teenage boys).

The political isn't even personal anymore, it's shot straight into the ethereal realm of the metaphorical. Analogy is everything.

Just like in religion. The Resurrection isn't about life after death. Baptism isn't about erasing original Sin. Jesus isn't about the salvation of your soul. They're all symbols for something else.

It has to do with the rejection of "realism" in philosophy-- the idea that reason can't know the true nature of things.

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