Monday, April 28, 2008

According to PP, kids are choosing between sex and groceries

Washington, DC ( -- Planned Parenthood emailed its supporters on Monday urging them to contact Congress and ask for more funding for birth control. The abortion business claims college students need the funding because they're supposedly choosing between birth control and groceries.

Let me get this straight: There are college students so stupid that they are trying to decide between eating and contraceptive sex?

Are college students that dumb?

If their critical thinking and life skills are so lacking, maybe they don't deserve to be in college.

Part of me doubts that it's true, and that this is just some kind of marketing campaign. Part of me is a little cynical and imagines there are people that stupid out there.

I do not think they understand the choice: The choice between an activity that keeps one alive, and an activity that is completely ancillary-- and chances are the guy won't even be around in ten years.

This is a hard choice they have to make?

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