Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birth Pangs: their non-denial says it all

I had written that feminists (notably the ones at Birth Pangs) think:

If I lose my fetus, the feminist answer is: tough luck! There’s only one body! Your beloved unborn child did not exist! Too bad!

Do they deny it? No. They write:

We will type this next bit sloooowly.

We are against this bill because it serves no purpose EXCEPT to reopen the abortion ‘debate’.

So recognizing that a woman loses her fetus is not a legitimate purpose. The only possible purpose to Bill C-484 is not justice, but the abortion debate.

It appears it's only the people who support the abortion free-for-all in this country who think that?

Feminists really seem to be showing their compassion and sympathy with women whose unborn babies have been lost to crime and want some justice for their loss.

Feminists want to make this about abortion. Because that's what matters: not the unborn baby. As Joyce Arthur said "fetuses are not that important" and "fetuses are none of our business". Even if they're important to their mothers.

We want justice for women whose unborn babies have been killed by violent crime.

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