Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lulu should take her own advice

Let me give you a piece of advice SUZANNE, try not to decide what I think because you don’t have the first clue.

Take your own advice, Lulu. You wrote:

True to form, SUZANNE provides no suggestions about how to help these children once they’re born, no ideas on support programs for single parents, no calls to donate to local housing or peer programs. Just the same old tired don’t have an abortion because a fetus is a child but once you actually have that child and are overwhelmed and completely unprepared for what’s ahead, well, too bad for you. So sorry but I have another blastocyst to save, an unknown fetus to pray for, a pregnant woman to harass ... no time for the real, live babies.

Try not to decide what I think, because you have no clue, either.

What I said, you sanctimonious hypocrite

When Lulu points at how I take cheap shots (two years back!) but does it herself. Constantly

I guess it's okay when she does it.

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