Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lulu at Canadian Cynic: wrong again

Once again, Lulu is showing her ignorance.

Child Protection?" I'm sorry, Suzie ... did you suggest "Child Protection?" One of those socialist, taxpayer-funded programs that you and the rest of your Blogging Knuckle Dragger colleagues are always to trying to defund? That's where you suggest putting unwanted children?

And what's Child Protection's job? To find parents capable of raising these children.

And for how long, Suzie? Until they're 18? Oh, wait ... I'm guessing you figure those unwanted kids are going to be just snapped up via adoption, don't you? Yessir, you and your right-wing buds are going to be just lining up for the first choice of unwanted, possibly medically-challenged infants and ... uh oh ...

Yes infants. This is the subject of the post, right? They do get adopted.

Adoption organizations generally predict a wait of six to 12 years for a child in Canada, enough to discourage many people. So waiting lists probably don’t accurately reflect the numbers who would be delighted to have a child but have simply given up.

Six to twelve years. How convenient for you to overlook that. It sounds like there's a huge demand for infants.

No, Suzie, I don't think you've really thought this through very well. Perhaps you should -- and I'm making this suggestion with only your best interests in mind -- perhaps, Suzie, you should shut the fuck up until you've given this whole matter some serious thought and you have something to say that's not astonishingly retarded.

Yeah, because the message that these kids on waiting lists should be dead is not retarded at all. It's a really comforting, life-affirming message, to know that society's solution for them was that they should not even exist. What a heart-warming sentiment. You're too big a burden for society. Your mother should have killed you in the womb.

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