Thursday, May 22, 2008

Abortion rate keeps dropping...But....

However, experts point out that Canada's patchy method of compiling abortion statistics means there could be thousands of abortions unaccounted for.

In its most recent report, Statistics Canada looked at abortions provided in hospitals and licensed clinics. But the analysis did not include abortions performed in doctors' offices, or in cases where women, including non-residents, privately pay for abortions that are not covered by the province, said Richard Trudeau, Statistics Canada's director of health statistics.

"There's more and more literature to indicate that there might be abortions performed in physicians' offices, and those we're unable to monitor," he said.

Debby Copes, medical director of Choice in Health, who has been performing abortions for almost 20 years, said statistics are meaningless unless they take into account the full extent of abortion services in Canada.

"I think the data that they have is not sufficient," she said, referring to the Statistics Canada report. "I can think of at least 10,000 procedures that are happening every year in Toronto that aren't being counted," she said, referring to abortions being done in doctors' offices or clinics that are not licensed by Ontario.


I think it's time for an abortion reporting law. ALL abortions should be reported to the province so that the Canadian Institute for Health Information can gather the information. It should include, among other things, the age of the woman undergoing the abortion, and the gestational age. And it should include terminations that are coded as "stillbirths".

Chemical abortions should be counted, too.

I think pro-lifers should not count their chickens before they are hatched.

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