Friday, May 16, 2008

Birth Pangs: They don't get it

Birth Pangs "wonders" how Bill C-484 would address my concerns if some thug were to kill my baby.

See, it has to do with abortion with them.

It could not possibly be that the loss of a fetus-- a being of value-- could be of any great tragedy in a woman's life.

It could not possibly be a crime in itself. Why, it's just a blob of tissue to them.

I will leave their callousness towards the loss of a fetus speak for itself. If they do not understand why it should not be a crime in itself, it's because they do not want to understand. They value their right to abortion over my right to my unborn child. They think as if the unborn child and the woman are one. They live in a world of science fiction.

And they say that I'm confused about the Bill...except I acknowledged that pregnancy is the aggravating factor:

Bill C-543 would make it obligatory for judges to take into account a victim's pregnancy when determining a sentence.

However, they're so not focused on the main issue-- that addressing the justice of losing a fetus-- that they read into my post something else entirely.

They have not addressed the issue of: what if a fetus is killed? No matter how much protection you give a pregnant woman, there will always be fetuses killed during criminal. The issue is: should killing a fetus in the process be a crime in itself? The abortion extremists say: no, because "fetuses are not that important". Even though they are to most pregnant women. It's not a question of abortion. It's a question of society saying: killing another woman's wanted fetus is wrong.

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