Friday, May 16, 2008

Nadine Dorries: Hanging tough in the face of pro-abort bullies

Many of you may be familiar with Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP from the UK who is leading the fight to lower the abortion limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks.

It seems that a number of people are not happy with her, and have resorted to intimidation.

She cites her experience in assisting at a late-term abortion as the motivation behind her fight against it.

I guess I knew when watching an aborted baby lying in a bedpan struggling to breathe, that my inability to help and my complicity as a young nurse assisting in this process, would one day force me to try to alter the barbaric practice our society has become so immune to: late abortion.

Struggling to breathe. What do feminists say to that?


Another human being has to suffer and die in the name of choice? Oh well. Who cares. It's just a fetus. "Fetuses are not that important", as Joyce Arthur says. Struggling to breathe? A small price to pay for female empowerment. After all, it's the woman who's the victim.

And people who care about what happens to that baby are fetus fetishists. Sick, twisted individuals who care about small, defenseless human beings. The only suffering that matters is that of the woman.

On the abortion issue, no one else's does.

Abortionists and the people who assist them, being only human, want to avoid having to see the result of their work-- that is, a suffering human being. So to make sure that they don't have to watch a baby die in front of their eyes, the UK medical establishment makes sure the baby isn't delivered alive.

Adversely, as a result of botched abortions such as the one I assisted with, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) issued guidelines to ensure that an abortion never again becomes a live birth.

To avoid this happening, a lethal injection is placed into the baby's heart through the mother's abdominal wall via a cannula - the baby is then surgically dismembered and removed limb by limb. That'll teach 'em.

So the baby has a gigantic needle shoved in his heart, it's pumped full of potassium chloride. The baby dies of a painful heart attack. (And it's also done in Canada).

"Self-ownership" makes that okay. The baby has to suffer and die for the sake of the woman? Too bad. His suffering is irrelevant. Do not feel a shred of humanity for that baby. That makes you a fetus fetishist. Your concern for the real pain and suffering of a fetus means that you care more about a vulnerable, defenseless unborn child, than women, who goodness knows are completely powerless individuals with no ability to cope with an unplanned or unwanted baby, besides killing him in this barbaric manner. They have absolutely no choice but to submit this baby to this cruel death in the name of their bodily integrity and empowerment.

And if you oppose that cruel death, you're some kind of misogynist, bent on sending women back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and chained to their stoves. Why? Because the feminists said so! Never mind that you happen to be a woman yourself and have no desire to be June Cleaver. That's not the point. Feminists say so, so it must be true, because they speak for all women, and any woman who says different is a gender traitor and not really a woman.

The activists can smear away - I will continue to fight the horrible injustice that befalls 2,500 babies a year. It feels like it's me and the memory of a lost baby against the rest of the world and a bunch of graffiti artists. But I am determined that something good will come from that day.

Injustice? Why, how can such suffering be an injustice? Just like with the lynchings of the past, there can be no injustice, because non-humans aren't owed non-suffering. Except when they're cute baby seals.

I like her chutzpah. Is there a politician in Canada ready to stand up with the same gumption as Nadine Dorries?

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