Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catholic Bishops "Shocked" at Morgentaler Award

I'm sorry your graces, but your criticisms ring a little hollow.

What have YOU done to stop the plague of abortion?

Have you refused communion to any dissenting Catholic politicians lately?

Have you showed up at a LifeChain or a March for Life?

Have you written your flock to say that unborn children are equals and deserve legal protection?

Have you rescinded the Winnipeg Statement?

Shock of the century? Indeed. As they say in French: r'viens-en! It's a little over the top.

Okay, some of the bishops have been more active than others. Still. A handful of bishops occasionally speaking out is not enough. Bishops should be constantly preaching about the dignity of the unborn child and how he deserves legal protection like everyone else.

The bishop then listed six ways that concerned Canadian's can respond to the controversial appointment, including prayer, increased awareness of life-related issues and by protesting the decision to those responsible for it.

Where are you guys in between the controversial news stories? When do we hear from you? When do you denounce discrimination against the unborn in unflinching and unqualified terms? When do you discipline clergy who oppose equality for the unborn? When do you denounce fellow bishops who do nothing for the unborn?

You guys bear the heaviest responsibility, and all you can do (collectively speaking) is issue a soundbyte when it's bloody too late.

Bishops will not have moral authority on this issue until a critical mass start speaking up regularly-- not just when the shoe drops-- and when they follow up their words with actions. When you have guys like Fr. Raymond Gravel running around saying that the unborn do not deserve legal protection, and the only clerical denunciation is from another priest, that doesn't give the bishops a lot of credibility.

You have to be louder and more consistent. YOU have to make the noise in the church. Not wait for us little pro-life runts to do it for you because you're afraid of offending people.

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