Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More than half of Americans would rather die than be disabled

From Alex Schadenberg:

People fear disability and so react by believing that they would be better off dead. If euthanasia and assisted suicide were to become culturally approved by society, it would result in a direct threat to the lives of people with disabilities.

I find this disturbing. I wonder what people think of my oldest daughter, who is autistic. It's true, she has trouble communicating. She can't go to the park by herself. She doesn't have any friends and has little prospect of making any.

These are the kinds of babies people abort. Parents think they're doing them a favour by not allowing them to live.

I don't think my daughter would be better off dead. She's better off learning to deal with her disabilities, overcoming them and just being a kid.

When she reaches the end of her life and people judge her for being autistic, will they starve her to death for being a "useless eater"? Will they judge-- in her stead-- that she has nothing to derive from life and nothing to contribute?

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