Friday, July 11, 2008

UK Blogger sued by alleged Hamas operative

Blogger David T of Harry's Place is being sued by Mohammed Sawalha,the President of the British Muslim Initiative.

David T claims that Sawalha made a statement, published on Al, calling the Jews "evil".

Sawalha's lawyers claim that this is false.

I will not comment on the merits of the case.

But Mohammed Sawalha is wanted by the State of Israel and is reported to be a mastermind behind Hamas strategy.

Whatever the merits of this case, this guy has a lot of nerve suing this blogger. He may or may not have made the alleged statement, but he might as well have.

If he's so concerned about his reputation, maybe he should consider suing the BBC for unmasking him as a Hamas operative.

If he isn't a Hamas operative, then why is he picking on a poor blogger, and not the BBC? If he is, then he has no reputation to defend, does he? Maybe he is in his legal rights to sue, but certainly not in his moral rights, that's for sure.

Is this what these terrorists are reduced to? Launching frivolous lawsuits? That's pathetic.

Here's the link to the blogburst.

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