Friday, July 25, 2008

The conspiracy-minded lefties and their credibility

I had to laugh at JJ's post.

And in fact, this whole affair surrounding KLR VU Research and the Morgental poll is making me chuckle.

First, the poll was a massive scam.

The company that conducted the polling didn't exist.

But now it does.

The company that provided the algorithms didn't exist.

But it does.

And now, a post dated July 23rd (but published July 24th) is under suspicion.

The whole sordid story about that: I started a draft on the 23rd, then came back to it later.

JJ: Relax, girl! Sheesh everything's a conspiracy to these people.

And speaking of credibility...

Some people can't seem to get their story straight! JJ and her readers crow about credibility, but they change their tune every time new information comes up that challenges their conclusions.

It seems to me like they're looking for a reason not to believe the poll. They look at the story, focus on details they think might undermine this story, then they fill in the details with their preconceived notions. They go with their first suspcions and do not verify them. Then they change their story on a dime.

That's not very credible. That's sounds like a fishing operation. Heck, if they'd at least check their story first before making their erroneous conclusions, that might be a bit more seemly.

It's all about throwing as much mud as possible and seeing what sticks.

That's the real scam about this whole episode.

It smacks of desperation.

The poll speaks for itself: 13 000 respondents, over 55% said Morgentaler should not receive the Order of Canada.

He's not a hero to most Canadians.

That's the truth.

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