Friday, July 25, 2008

Once again, pathetic attempts to discredit poll don't change the facts: 55% of Canadians oppose Morgentaler receiving Order of Canada

Once again, the poll that says that 55% of Canadians oppose Morgentaler's Order of Canada has been attacked.

By people who don't have a clue about telephone surveys.

Galloping Beaver says that 55% of 13 000 really amounts to a poll result of 5%.

That is a really sad attempt to discredit a survey, and demonstrates statistical illiteracy. In any telephone survey sample, any option will be a small percentage of the total number of phone numbers. You have to consider that a large number of these phone calls will reach voicemails,answering machines, busy signals, fax lines, disconnected phone numbers and some people will simply not answer the phone. At least half, maybe 3/4 of the phone contacts one makes on any phone survey will not reach a live human being.

Then you must consider that this is the middle of the summer, when people are out and not answering their phones. And you have to consider that this is a controversial issue.

Putting all those factors together, this is actually a good response rate. As this press release from a Stanford University professor says, response rates for telephone surveys, particularly those one sees in the newspapers, are typically low.

It's not a case of 90% don't gvie a sh*t. Spinning the poll this way betrays a profound ignorance of polling methodology.

And trying to make it about the person who owns the company is pathetic,too. I have siblings. I don't know what their position on abortion is. Do the lefties know what Allan Bruinooge's position on abortion is? So what if his brother is a pro-life Tory MP? It does not change the question or the results. Trying to play up the association is another diversionary tactic from the actual substance of the poll. It's all speculation and jumping to conclusions with them. They don't present any facts about the poll itself.

They're preaching credibility. Their tactics lack credibility. First they make up their conclusions, then they change their story as they learn new facts, which says to me that they're trying to throw mud and see what sticks. It's not about the substance of the poll.

But what can you expect? In the face of facts, such as abortion kills a human being, a fetus is not a blob of tissue, abortion hurts women, the pro-abortion forces will never confront the truth. They need spin to make their case. They can't confront facts.

This reminds me of what happens when the pro-aborts confront pictures of aborted children. They'll say "These pictures are fake! These pictures are manipulated!"

Yet, they never prove their point. They base themselves merely on speculation-- they never produce an actual fact about the picture to make their case. Or they spin the facts to their advantage ("those are pictures of late-term abortions, and they don't happen in Canada!"--as if).

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