Monday, July 21, 2008

Government should make ISP's block child sexual abuse sites, and fund

I think people across the political spectrum can get behind this campaign by the Canadian Family Action Coalition (Received by email):

Dear supporters of the Child Safe petition.

We continue to work with internet service providers and with government in attempt to ensure ACTION is taken to reduce child sex sites and users of those sites are blocked and prosecuted.

Foot dragging is frustrating our efforts. Internet Service Providers (ISP) say they are doing things in conjunction with Cybertip. We do not see any results. Government funding of Cybertip comes up for renewal in 2009. We will recommend this be contingent on ACTION and RESULTS.

Government needs your push on this. If ISPs will not voluntarily be responsible and block sex sites and report criminal customers using child sex /porn then government must legislate actions. New York's governor did take initiative and now three major providers are acting.

Will you do this? Email the Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, and cc Prime Minister Harper and Industry Minister Prentice? ,,

(also a call to Justice Minister at 905-353-9590 would be useful).

Here are some ideas for a brief email:

1) will government present legislation requiring the blocking of EVERY known child sex site?

2) will legislation require that internet servers REPORT the illegal use of internet when child sex images are being sent or received by anyone?

3) will all legislation; Privacy laws, criminal laws and security laws be integrated so as to not allow loopholes for the criminal activity of child porn?

The Conservative government's law and order promises and great work are good , but in this area they need to do more.

Thanks to each one who signed the petition some months ago. We will not cease to push this issue onto the agenda of fall session of Parliament.


Child Safe Canada participating organizations

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