Monday, August 18, 2008

Abortion: It's not just about the woman

From Dakota Voice:

Back when I was pro-abortion, I thought abortion was simply a matter of expediency. I thought it was simply a matter of a woman's right to have dominion over her own body.

I still do think a woman has a right to dominion over her own body (within reasonable limits, of course, such as illegal drug use, prostitution, etc. which really connect to issues outside her body).

But what I just said in the last paragraph is essentially at the heart of why I am no longer pro-abortion: I realized abortion doesn't just affect her body. Abortion affects the body of the child inside her.

If a woman had a benign tumor she wanted to remove, no one would really stand in her way. If a woman wanted to remove a part of her body with liposuction or a tummy-tuck or something of this nature, nobody would really object. Why? It would only be affecting her own body.

But this is why attempts to move the discussion of abortion away from the question of whether it's right or wrong are utterly useless, except to salve our hurting consciences.

Because if what is growing inside the woman's womb is not just a part of her body but a separate and unique human being, as science indicates it is, then abortion is also affecting another human being.

But here's the thing about feminists: even if abortion affects (and kills) another human being they still support it.

Another human being has to die in the name of a woman's bodily autonomy? Too bad! That's their attitude.

As pro-abortion spokesperson Joyce Arthur writes:

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the fetus is, how valuable we think it is, or whether it has any rights. True justice demands that women not be compelled to bear children they don't want. "

And if women must commit the injustice of killing another human being to do that, well, tough luck!

No feminist has ever denied this. No feminist has ever said to me: well, even if, for discussion's sake the fetus were an equal human being, it would not be okay to kill him.

H/T: Casualties of Choice for the Joyce Arthur quote.

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