Monday, August 18, 2008

The link between contraception and same-sex marriage

Richard Bastien reviews Douglas Farrow's A Nation of Bastards:

This being said, there is one big question that Farrow leaves unanswered: why did homosexuals wait until the beginning of the 21st Century to assert that homosexual acts are entitled to the same legitimacy as are heterosexual relations in the context of marriage? The answer, I think, is the contraceptive mentality that is so deeply embedded in our culture. Destroying the link between the unitive and procreative ends of the one-flesh union necessarily leads to the unlinking of marriage and procreation. Under these circumstances, there is no reason to stop two people from marrying even when procreation is, by nature, impossible for them. If men and women can marry and not have children, why can’t homosexuals marry and not have children?

Attempts to highlight the negative impact of same-sex marriage on the family and the well-being of children have so far failed. Married people who contracept have embraced the view that sex is purely recreational. While somewhat embarrassed at the thought that the legal framework legitimizing the union of two homosexual persons is the same as that used for themselves, heterosexual couples have no grounds for objecting to its extension. They know that, in order to object to homosexual marriage, they would have to reaffirm the link between the unitive and procreative ends of one-flesh union, ie, to stop contracepting.

Unwilling to do so, they simply hold their noses and approve same-sex marriage. In short, the contraceptive lobby, whose outreach is currently quasi-universal, bears at least as much responsibility for the legitimization of same-sex marriage as does the homosexual lobby. There is a deep cultural dimension to the same-sex marriage issue that ought not to be ignored.

John Pacheco from SoCon or Bust adds:

It is not implausible in the future that a biological father or mother could lose their rights to their children because some sick and perverse judge decides that a particular relationship a child has with another person supercedes “mere” biology. You know, “love” and “understanding” will be used to sever biology and nature from the law so that all relationships are reduced to the realm of the arbitrary, where mere “feelings” and “relationships” trump common sense and logic

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