Saturday, August 02, 2008

Abortion Kills: That Much Should Be Obvious

Says Brigitte at ProWomanProLife

And here I was reminded of a few recent conversations with pro-choicers who seem to think that referring to abortion as “the killing of an unborn baby” is nothing more than a dirty political tool in the ongoing oppression of women by some particularly retrograde patriarchal ideology.
I can usually tell how educated a person is about the abortion debate by whether or not he is willing to state that abortion kills.

The vast majority of people I've debated-- and they're usually run-of-the-mill Canadians, not activists-- cannot come to terms with the idea that abortion kills.

And by "kill" I mean the destruction of a distinct organism.

There are so many people who try to get around that reality.

I've read a few abortion clinic websites. I don't remember any of them ever admitting that abortion kills. They lump in fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid into the term "products of conception" and try to make it appear that all three are morally equivalent, when we all know that what people really care about-- when they are about their pregnancies-- is the unborn child.

They just won't be upfront about it. Of course, that would probably cut into their profit margins.

You still get a lot of "it's a blob of tissue". I'm really surprised that in this age of ultrasound, that meme is still going around. I consider it the equal of "N***ers are monkeys" and "Jews are vermin". It's so patently obvious this is not the case that to call a fetus (or even an embryo) a "blob of tissue" is blindly denying reality. Even the "clump of cells" meme-- which is arguably more accurate, but only for about the first week of conception. By the time a woman discovers that she is pregnant, normally, the embryo has implanted, and by the time she goes to the clinic for an abortion, the embryo has a beating heart.

Only when you can get people to admit the reality of abortion can you get them to debate the morality of abortion. Only when you can get people to admit that the fetus is a human being can you get them to state whether all human beings are equal or not.

Feminists don't want the debate on abortion. And that's understandable: they don't want their claims about the fetus to be held up to scrutiny, no more than white supremacists wanted to debate the idea that people of color were equal human beings. It was their right to be supreme, and anyone who said otherwise was a traitor and did not care about real human rights (i.e. whites were the only "real" humans).

People in power don't like giving it up. The socialists say so.

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