Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fetus shows curiosity during surgery

The pro-abortion side of the abortion debate likes to portray the unborn child as inert, unaware and completely devoid of human characteristics.

In this article, Kenneth Moise, a surgeon, operated on a couple of fetuses suffering from Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome, where the twins share blood vessels and their blood flow is uneven. This is usually fatal.

During the surgery, doctors entered the amniotic sack using a kind of miniature "telescope." Occasionally, to their surprise, a fetus will actually grab on to the scope in the middle of the procedure.

"The fetus will reach up and wonder what this scope is," Moise said. "And even though his or her eyes are fused so they can't really see the scope, they'll grab the scope sometimes because it's an object in their cavity."

Can you just imagine what happens during an abortion, when a syringe of potassium chloride heads for their heart?

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