Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Attention CBC Managers: I'm available

Margaret Wente writes:

The truth about the CBC is more complicated. Its problem isn't an overt left-wing bias. Its problem is an earnest, mushy-liberal mindset that can scarcely entertain a contrarian idea. Its editors, producers and directors strive to be fair-minded. It's just hardly any of them would ever vote Tory. Oh, they try. Once they even had right-wing commentator David Frum guest-host The Current. But people were so shocked they never did it again.

Ironically, no one is more bothered by this groupthink than the top CBC managers themselves. More than one have told me that it drives them crazy. And it's no accident that left-wing faces such as Avi Lewis have recently decamped for the greener fields of English-language Al Jazeera. Although I haven't talked to Mr. Cruickshank (a former colleague), my guess is that part of his mandate is to vigorously encourage a wider range of world views. Too bad Ms. Mallick popped up to prove the critics right.

On some level, I find this hard to believe.

You mean, in ALL OF CANADA they can't find more right-wing pundits and op-ed writers?

As if Michael Coren, David Warren, Claire Hoy, Rachel Marsden, etc were not available? (Just to name names off the top of my head).

Are you kidding me?

CBC Managers: if you're reading this (and I know sometimes there are visits from the CBC to this blog) I am available for punditry and analysis and as you can tell, I love to write.