Thursday, September 25, 2008

Commenter at Ormiston Online: Blogging is for anti-social types

Susan Ormiston did a segment on how Canadians are lagging behind Americans in getting out the grassroots.

In response, a commenter by the name of Kelly Patrick wrote:

I agree with the commentary about the inability of online to empower the grassroots to be politically motivated on the individual level during elections.


Blogging is predominately for anti social types, and already established media or other social personalities, as a medium to opine only. No one is gravitated towards a blogger for anything other than opinion. Blogs are like talk radio but could be best described as "text radio".

I strongly disagree.

This blogger was involved in last year's Great Canadian Wish List facebook contest, which raised the issue of abortion in the media (which many had said was a dead issue).

I was involved in the Beaver's The Worst Canadian Ever vote.

I was involved in getting the word out on the Morgentaler Order of Canada Nomination.

I have contributed a small part in raising awareness about the Human Rights Commissions and the threat to free speech posed by Section 13.1


Blogs can and do get out the grassroots. Maybe not at election time, but they do at other times, that's for sure.

I don't think the commenter knows what they're talking about.