Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fr. Raymond Gravel retires from politics

The French media is reporting that Father Raymond Gravel, the dissident priest, will not be seeking another mandate in the next election.

Cardinals Claudio Hummes and William Levada wrote his bishop to say that Fr. Gravel had to choose between electoral politics and the priesthood. (And rightly so, I say!) If Fr. Gravel had chosen politics, he would have been laicized (i.e. defrocked). He acknowledged that priestly involvement in politics (re: electoral politics) is against Canon Law.

English Catholic Canadians complained about his avant-garde opinions, he lamented. (That’s all you readers who complained! Now if we could just get the Vatican to come down on pro-abortion Catholic politicians…)

He has chosen to remain a priest because he says the priesthood is his life. I’m glad he values the religious life over the worldly one. Now if he would just obey on matters of doctrine!

A twenty-one-year-old student named Nicolas Dufour, will be his replacement. He is the son of a Bloc organizer.

Edited 9:40 PM Sept. 3rd

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