Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's speech

Some random thoughts after having finished watching Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the RNC National Convention:

Sarah Palin hit a homerun out of the ballpark with her speech tonight.

She was funny. She was straightforward. She hit all the right chords: family, faith, security. She was articulate.

I feel like Sarah Palin is someone I can relate to, that she's not stuck up at all. She's not a cliquish insider, but someone who is really fighting for my values.

I love the digs she took at Obama, how he never authored a law while he was in elected office, whereas Palin had many accomplishments during her mandate.

She spoke of her knowledge of the energy issue, which is definitively an important foreign affairs issue. I know: there's more to American foreign policy than oil, but it's a pretty importantfile.

I liked how she pledged to be an advocate for special needs people. As the mother of an autistic child, that really hit a chord with me.

And it was cute that her baby slept through the whole thing. I bet lefties are going to make light of that.

But it was really cute. And the youngest daughter gave Trig a kiss, it was so sweet.

I know this sounds shallow, but I think Americans will want to vote for Sarah Palin because they want this family in the White House, much like they wanted the Kennedies in the White House. I'm not saying people will based their votes on that. But attractive nominees with attractive families make the candidacy more appealing. It's human nature.

She really made McCain look good. I think she's earned her spot on the ticket.

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