Tuesday, January 27, 2009

93-year-old freezes to death at home after utility firm limits power use

What the heck was this company thinking???

This burns me. I worked for the gas company for a short while. They don't shut off the power until spring time if your account is in arrears. It seems to me if his account was that badly off, and he's obviously and elderly man on a limited income, the company should have made an arrangement with him. The gas company that I worked for had a program for people living in poverty.

The guy might not have had a functioning phone if his electricity was cut. How was he supposed to call 911?

And what was his level of functioning? At 93, he might not have been too sharp.

Someone was not on the ball.

I'm all for making a profit, and I'm all for governmental non-regulation, but the company should have stepped back and asked itself what it could have done. Maybe it was an accident that the device didn't work, but it would have just happened 10 days later in any case.