Monday, January 26, 2009

Babies who could've been killed, but weren't

Miracle Babies is an Australian blog that seeks to document stories about premature babies.

Babies that could have been killed by abortion.

But weren't.

Like baby Kyra:

She was born at 26 weeks.

Or James White:

He was born at 29 weeks.

Or Little Kimberley, reputed to be the lightest baby ever to survive, at 10 oz:

In some places, you're not considered "viable" until you weigh 500 grams. That's 17.6 ounces.

Tell yourself that Joyce Arthur, the Canadian abortion lobby and their feminist enablers think that piercing these little babies' hearts with an injection of potassium chloride should be legal. It's all about the women, now. A fetus? That's just "a clump of cells". These were not people in the womb. Making their interests just as important as the woman makes you a misogynist. Remember that.