Monday, January 26, 2009

Pro-Life Celebrities Join Bloggers to Discuss Internet Strategy, How to Sway Mainstream Media

From Lifesite:

Blogger Shaun Kenney said that, at a time when the mainstream media refuses to cover pro-life news, blogging "enables the community to start being the leaders themselves." "The change isn't going to come from some new organization in Washington,[RE: Toronto]" said Kenney; rather, change is going to come from "those who are able to reach out ... through alternative means - namely, new media. It's free, and it's effective."


Every year, people complain that the CBC did not cover this or that pro-life event/issue.

If the CBC won't cover your event, this is what you do.

Invest $600 in a video camera.

Film it yourself.

Edit it on your computer.

Upload it to Youtube.

Don't want to pay $600? Don't know how and won't learn? Just too tired to do it?

Then you don't deserve it.

Oh I know, there are 90-year-old grannies who can never be expected to do this, but the pro-life movement does not consist entirely of 90-year-old grannies.

If you save two bucks a day for a year, you will have enough for a nice video camera. I paid no interest on mine using a spanking new Zellers credit card. It cost about 42$ a month. It has been totally worth it. Every time there is a happening in Ottawa, and I can make it, I take my video camera with me.

The internet is full of free software. Surely there is at least one decent video editing freeware application. Mine came with my Windows XP.

We have to learn to become a little more self-reliant when it comes to doing things. We think we're in the right, so we expect others to do our bidding.

It doesn't quite work that way.

That's the old way of doing it. The old way does not work.

Let's create our own internal buzz. Noise attracts attention.