Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fetus scale

One of the commenters on this blog said...

Just once, I wish those images were actually posted at scale.

That's not a bad idea.

So I rescaled the images according to actual fetal size.

In fetal biometry, up to 20 weeks, the baby is measured from crown to rump.

Some of the images had a measurement mentioned in the file name or on the website where I found them.

For others, I used this biometric guide.

I performed these modifications on a 19-inch monitor using 1024x 768 resolution.

The picture on the left is (obviously) the actual size of the unborn baby in question. The one on the right shows you what you're looking at.

5-week-old embryo at 1.2 cm from crown to rump.

7 week embryo about 1.7 cm crown to rump

8 week embryo at 1.6 cm crown to rump.

10 weeks at 3.1 cm crown to rump

14 weeks at 8.7 cm crown to rump

18 weeks at 14.2 cm crown to rump

So there you go folks. Images of the unborn posted to scale.

A human is a human no matter how small.