Monday, February 02, 2009

Things pro-lifers should learn

Kathy Shaidle posted a link to Hugh Hewitt: 25 Random Things Michael Steel and the New GOP Leadership Should Know,.

She says it applies to Canadian conservatives.

I say it's even doubly true for pro-lifers.

3. Popular culture is, far and away, more powerful than political rhetoric.

9. Naive misuse of social media is exactly the same as ignorant misbehavior in real-life social settings, and it comes with the same consequences.


16. Public service is noble. But politics is a business. You're selling a product. The product is an idea or a candidate. Marketed properly, any product will sell. A good product will sell more. A bad product will not see many repeat customers.


19. Before you take a message public, run it by your 16-year-old daughter. Not because she won't understand, and you might need to dumb it down for the masses -- but because she's smarter and cooler than you, and you might need to listen to her suggestions.


22. It is a popularity contest.

23. Item 22 is unfortunate, and shouldn't be, and everything you're thinking. But it is what is, and you can't change that. The only option is to win the popularity contest with someone who also embodies and embraces the ideals we believe in.

We have to stop thinking like losers. We have to think like people who win. Do you really want to establish legal rights for unborn children, or do you just want to feel moral or "politically suave" (because you were "smart enough" to never get involved in the first place)?

If you really want to win this battle for unborn children, we must learn to play the game better than everyone else.

I think we sell ourselves short.

But I also think we don't program ourselves for success.

These little tidbits in Hewitt's column are something of a wake up call.