Sunday, March 08, 2009

About the Catholic Church and its reaction to the abortion of that Brazilian rape victim

Many people are outraged that the Vatican backs the excommunication of the mother of the girl in Brazil who was raped, and the doctor who performed the abortion.

There are many details that people do not seem to know or care about.

First off, the issue is not whether the raped girl has a right to life. Of course the girl could have the pregnancy terminated if her life was in danger.

The Church does not dispute that.

Let me repeat.

The Church recognizes, through the theory of Double Effect, that when the pregnant woman's life is in danger, the pregnancy can be terminated PROVIDING there is no alternative, and that no direct killing or any other evil is performed on the fetus.

In other words, the pregnant girls' unborn twins could have been delivered to save the life of the mother.

Where the Church disagrees with abortion proponents is the method of abortion.

The Church would have had no issue with saving the life of the pregnant girl by delivering the fetuses intact and non-euthanized.

The Church believes that it is permissible in some situations to allow human beings to die. But it is never acceptable to deliberately attack the physical integrity of any human being with the intent of causing death. In other words, it is acceptable to let nature its course-- that is, allow the fetuses to die once delivered-- but it is never okay to provoke death.

But abortion proponents do not see it that way.

The abortion proponents wanted the unborn twins dead.

Let me re-state it: they didn't just want the girl to be free of a pregnancy that might have killed her. They wanted those fetuses dead.


Because those twins are the product of rape.

Rape is a horrific sin. But just because the pregnant woman was the victim of rape does not mean that the unborn children should suffer for the actions of the father.

That is the whole purpose of abortion. These unborn babies were considered undeserving of love by the mother and the adults in her family by virtue of the fact that those twins were conceived in rape. Therefore, they had to die. They were not equal to unborn babies conceived through love. They were conceived in rape, therefore, they were worthy of being killed.

The Church wants as many as possible to live. It's not always possible-- pregnancies are sometimes lethal to the mother, and to save the mother, a termination is necessary. But the pregnancy termination does not have to result in a dead baby.

Abortion always does.

The abortionist would have probably performed a D & E on the pregnant girl. Let's take a close hard look at what a D and E involves:

This is a video that describes the procedure:

Now LOOK at the medical diagram. Don't ignore it. Look at what would have been done to unborn children-- yes, I know picture is of a 23-week fetus, and the aborted twins were at about 16 weeks. It's still a gruesome procedure. Ripping off arms? Crushing skulls? That's considered humane in this day and age? That's what feminists are lobbying for?

This procedure is clearly gruesome and disrespectful of the unborn child. There is no reason why those unborn children could not have been delivered intact, without feticide.

But that's not what this is about. This is a PR campaign to ge Brazil to legalize abortion. The abortion lobby is intensely pressuring Latin American countries to legalize killing its unborn citizens.

The abortion lobby is in effect operating an abortion imperialism because Latin America generally recognizes the right to life of ALL human beings, not just born ones.

Feminists have zero compassion for the unborn children who must die. They have zero compassion for the fact that these babies have to be chopped up, as opposed to just being delivered. They won't even allow for that dignity. They may even been suffering, but that is of no concern to them. Their compassion is limited to the born, not to the unborn.

And as a last point. The reason why the mother and the abortionist were excommunicated and not the father is that the evil of rape is obvious. The evil of abortion is not as the victim is hidden, and the mothers are not always aware of what occurs during an abortion. The excommunication is meant to underscore that the Church is serious about protecting human life-- ALL human life, including those of the unborn.