Monday, March 09, 2009

Liberal Party Planning to Court the Conservative Christian Vote?

Brian Lilley:

Now comes perhaps the more shocking news, the Liberals, under Michael Ignatieff, are reaching out to religious voters.

Specifically, the Liberals are planning to try to reconnect with to Evangelical Christians, MP John McKay is the man heading up the effort. Today Evangelicals are a group mostly thought of in terms of Republican support in the United States, yet at one point they did vote for Liberal MPs, especially in Ontario.


The question for the Liberals now becomes what will be on offer? Same-sex marriage is a dead issue in Canadian politics and abortion is something none of the party leaders wish to touch, except to express support for the status quo.(...)Which party is the most compassionate to the downtrodden here at home and in the developing world during a time of economic uncertainty? I’ll bet Michael Ignatieff sees that as the ticket to winning back this particular voting block.

Why the heck would religious right voters abandon the Conservatives for something that has always existed in the Liberal Party, i.e. liberalism?

If religious right voters had wanted liberalism, they would have voted liberal.

Religious right voters are looking for a party to take on social conservative values.

To those who might be tempted to vote for a "preferential option for the poor" instead of social conservative values: remember that the NDP and the Liberals (and the Mulroney conservatives) are the people who brought you the moral decay of our time.

The best predictor of future results is past results. If the Liberal Party wants so-con voters, it'd better produce some so-con policy.