Monday, April 06, 2009

John Pacheco Asks the Tough Questions about D & P

John Pacheco links to an article in which D & P executive director Michael Casey says that D& P will end its relationship with groups that are "clearly" pro-abortion.

On his blog, John wonders :

Will D&P terminate their relationships with a large portion and perhaps even a majority of their partners once they have determined if these groups are “clearly” against the doctrines of the Catholic faith? What does “clearly” mean to D&P? Are declarations of abortion support from their partners’ own websites, or credible third party sources like the UN which name them, “clear” enough for Mr. Casey and D&P? We’re not sure at this point. We’re not even sure if this kind of evidence is “clear” enough for the bishops. It seems pretty clear to me and thousands of outraged Catholics and other Christians around the country. Maybe we’re not looking at the same picture. Maybe some of us have these huge logs in our eyes that need to be removed so that we can ”clearly” see.