Monday, April 06, 2009

Many Supporters of Legal Abortion Are Still Confused About Biology

Some Supporters of Legal Abortion (or SOLAs as I call them) still don't have the science right when it comes to the unborn child.

They continue to use inaccurate, scientifically inaccurate language about the fetus to argue that he is not a human being.

Case in point:

Where Suzanne & BBW are missing the point is not the word "life" but on the word "human". A clump of cells with no self-awareness, unable to survive alone is not a "human". If you scrape your knee, a group of human cells is left behind. Is that clump of cells "human life"?

*Shake head* When will they ever learn?

The commenter in question is obviously confused.

A mass of skin cells is not an organism.

But a zygote, embryo or fetus is an organism.

What kind of organism?

A homo sapiens.

In plain English: A human being.

The commenter also wishes to reduce the fetus to a "clump of cells".

It is true that after a week of existence, the a newly formed human life looks like this (at implantation):

But this embryo is not a run of the mill "clump of cells". A sample of cells from your body, is not your whole body.

This embryo represents a whole body of the new human life.

The "clump of cells" meme is also misleading because it uses the image of what a early human being looks like to generalize about the unborn.

When people think "clump of cells" they're thinking of this:

The human being in this picture lacks the typical morphological characteristics of later stages-- face, torso and limbs.

However, this "spherical" physiological lasts only days.

For the other 8 1/2 months, the fetus is not a "clump of cells" by any stretch of the imagination.

But that "clump of cells" label is used to misrepresent him, and diminish his humanity.

In fact, this is what the unborn look like, at various stages:

Circa 3-4 weeks:

Circa 5-6 weeks

6-7 weeks:

7 weeks:

And so on.

Hardly a "clump of cells".

But the meme persists because

1) people are ignorant, and often wish to remain ignorant in order to be at ease in supporting legal abortion;


2) supporters of legal abortion deliberately obscure the reality of the unborn child to bolster their case.

But as it is made evident in this blogpost, it is not scientifically accurate to represent the unborn as being "clumps of cells".

Indeed, the unborn are not inert cells like those of a scraped knee. Watch this 30-second YouTube of a 7 1/2 week embryo.

A "clump of cells" does not hiccup or startle.