Saturday, April 04, 2009

Feminists: stop turning back the clock on science

About supporters of the recently defeated personhood bill in North Dakota, DJ writes:

Fetus fetishists want to use a religious -- as opposed to accepted medical -- definition of pregnancy and to create rights for a two-celled blastocyte.

First off, the issue is not pregnancy. Because the ND bill does not only address pregnancy, but the creation of human life in any setting.

But they're so fixated on pregnancy and not the real issue-- when human life begins-- that they can't properly evaluate the whole issue.

Secondly, where in all of religious scripture is fertilization defined as the beginning of life?

Clearly there is no such definition.

It must have another source.

Where would pro-lifers get the idea that life begins at fertilization?

Try science. It was confirmed in the 19th century that human life began with fertilization. But feminists are hanging on to a pre-19th century ambiguous idea of when life begins.

They and their supporters do not want the beginnings of human life defined.

It is they who oppose this scientific definition.

Because so long as the issue is ambiguous, then abortion can remain legal for at least some part of the pregnancy.

But that is an anti-scientific stance. It's really turning back the clock on science.

There is no means to determine, with certitude, when a human organism exists and when it doesn't?

We classify every single kind of organism, but we cannot classify a fetus born of two human parents?

Obviously, that's ludicrous.

But don't confuse feminists with the facts. Their anti-scientific minds are made up. Fetuses are blobs of tissue,the unborn only become human when you cut the umbilical cord and all that dogma.

And oh...

definition of pregnancy and to create rights for a two-celled blastocyte.

Somebody needs an edumacation about the various stages of human life.

And while these feminists are overjoyed that the "grown ups" are in charge, these "grown ups" passed two bills to allow women to see their ultrasounds in an abortion clinic, and be informed of the fact that abortion ends a human life.

It's just a matter of time. Unborn children will have rights. The Grown Ups are in charge.