Thursday, April 09, 2009

She posts inappropriate pictures online. Court says Dad went too far in grounding her

A Quebec father who was taken to court by his 12-year-old daughter after he grounded her in June 2008 has lost his appeal.

Quebec Superior Court rejected the Gatineau father's appeal of a lower court ruling that said his punishment was too severe for the wrongs he said his daughter committed.

The father is "flabbergasted," his lawyer Kim Beaudoin told CBC News.

I think that the Government of Canada should reassert parental rights in light of this case.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Grounding a girl and stopping her from going on a field trip, no matter how special is a perfectly appropriate punishment for posting inappropriate pictures online.

A child should not have the option of going to court because his parents can't get their act together and agree on proper discipline.