Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feminists to picket Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Winnipeg

What a dumb protest.

WINNIPEG – A demonstration in support of women’s access to free, legal and safe abortions will be held in Winnipeg Thursday.

The event is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the Crisis Pregnancy Centre on 650 Broadway. Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of abortion in Canada and has been chosen as a National Day of Action to support reproductive choice.

The event is organized by M.s. Citizenship Feminist Collective, which maintain that crisis pregnancy centres often misinform women about abortion. The group says it is still difficult for women outside of Winnipeg to access abortions, since only one clinic and two out of 52 hospitals in the province perform the procedure.

So wait a minute. Is the protest about abortion access or Crisis Pregnancy Centres?

How does picketing a CPC improve abortion access?

And are they protesting that Crisis Pregnancy Centres disagree with their *opinions* on abortion?

You know, it makes sense for pro-lifers to picket abortion clinics because they believe that human beings are being killed.

But what interest do feminists have in foisting themselves onto Crisis Pregnancy Centres? They're upset that their ideology is being debunked and that women are using these resources rather than Planned Parenthood?

What if these women choose to believe the CPC's and not the feminists? Do they get to choose what to think?

Guess not.

I'd like to get these feminists to confront the children and the mothers that were spared because of these CPC's. That would be an interesting encounter. I can just picture the conversation from a child: "Listen, you wanted my mother to have the option to kill me. You were not advancing my interests in the womb." Or from the mother "I was perfectly happy to give birth, mind your own business."

There really should be a counter-protest.