Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stop Donating to the Conservative Party Until They Clean Up Their Act

The Politic comments on the poor attack ads the Conservatives have released, in which Michael Ignatieff is criticized for having lived away from Canada for so many years.

[T]he entire product comes across as amateur hour.

This, of course, wouldn’t be so insulting except for the fact that the political operations team in Ottawa is so obsessed with keeping their jobs that we among the Conservative base are continually being harassed to a) suck up the entire lack of substantive, truly constructive policy that has been the status quo since the last election and b)make sure the generous cheques are made out to the Conservative Fund of Canada. For all the money that the boys in poli-ops have been receiving, you’d think they’d be able to do better…much better!

The Conservative fundraisers are the most shameless people in the world. Their gimmicky letters, which insult their readers' intelligence, insist that we should support the CPC because Iggy would be worse. Look at the Big Picture!, they cry. Who would you rather have in Government, us or the Liberals?

That's they want us to sign on to? We're not the worst?

If I am going to plunk down some of my precious money, I will do it for a party that will advance my issues.

My money is for pushing fetal rights legislation, free speech, balanced budgets, smaller government and less waste.

It is not for suppressing the abortion debate, for remaining passive in the face of the erosion of our liberties, for expanding government or for deficit-building "stimulus" packages.

If I want socialism, I'll donate to the NDP. I would at least preserve my integrity that way.

And if Iggy won, maybe that would teach the CPC a lesson. That's the Big Picture to me.