Friday, May 15, 2009

SoCon or Bust: Conservatives Better Start Acting...Conservative

John Pacheco:

For the Conservative Party to be returned to power, they need to reinvigorate their base. This means they need to appeal to the libertarian and social conservative elements within it if they are to have any chance at winning. Without these two pillars, they are going to lose the next election. If Harper only wants to be a hair to the right of the Liberal Party, this is simply not going to cut it with conservatives. We’ll just stay home and let the cards fall where they may.


If the Conservative Party wants a chance at staying in power, it had better start distinguishing itself from the Liberal Party on fiscal and social issues. For once, Canadians want a clear choice. We want an ideological choice, not a pragmatic one.

Scrap the “Michael Ignatieff spent a lot of time in the US” card, guys, and get real. Start playing the game on our turf:

1. Pass the Unborn Victims of Crime Bill.

2. Scrap the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

3. Cut significant income taxes for families.

If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to stay in power, it should start acting like a Conservative Party. They should be the Party of natural justice and Canadian families.

I saw the attack ads. Man, are they lame. They want to win an election with that?

I won't let them waste my money.