Friday, May 15, 2009

Where were Tim Hudak and Frank Klees Yesterday?

As you all know, yesterday was the annual Ottawa March for Life.

Tim Hudak and Frank Klees, two contenders for the PC leadership, did not make their presence known.

Were they there? Somehow I doubt it.

How can an Ontario politician claim to be pro-life and not show up at the annual March for Life?

If left-wing politicians can make time to be in the Gay Pride parade, why can't pro-life politicians show up for the March for Life? Is it too much to ask?

Actions speak louder than words

I noticed that Frank Klees' team was on the Hill signing up people for the PC leadership race.

You mean he couldn't make it himself?

Campaign Life Coalition just endorsed him. You'd think the least he could do is show up, even if it's only for a half and hour on the main stage.

If Frank Klees and Tim Hudak feel that being in a pro-life parade is too politically risky, what's going to happen if they get elected leader? Are they going to look for ways to protect the unborn child? What have they done so far?

Something tells me they won't bring forward a single piece of legislation. Not because they aren't pro-life, but because their party caucus wouldn't agree with it.

The PC's have got to decide where they stand on the issues. And if they want something done about protecting the unborn child, they should do it.

UPDATE: I just saw that the candidates in question were at a leadership event yesterday.