Sunday, June 07, 2009

Poor-choicers engage in vulturism

An excellent analysis of pro-abort reaction to the Tiller shooting:

I am not a terrorist. I don’t know any terrorists. But I oppose abortion and know a whole bunch of people who are abortion opponents. And I’m not going to let political vultures ever make me afraid to stand up for what I believe is right.


There are millions and millions of people who take an anti-abortion position. Many of us are located in the South, Southwest and Midwest, so millions of us are well-armed and proficient in the use of firearms. Were this a movement dedicated to violence, every abortion doctor would be in the morgue tomorrow.

But abortion doctors go about the bloody, immoral business of providing abortion on demand day in and day out unscathed. They are able to go about their business unharmed because abortion opponents protest peacefully. Yet they are labeled terrorists when mentally ill people take actions abortion opponents don’t sanction.


They are labeled terrorists because of a type of political opportunism I call “vulturism.” Political vultures circle waiting for a tragedy, usually a death, and then they swoop down and feed off the corpse. They hope a death will paint their political opponents as murderers and sway others to their position. It’s cheap, cynical manipulation.


But making Tiller a hero is all pro-abortion forces have. Even Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade opposes abortion. They need a hero because they have no moral ground to stand on and public opinion has turned.

Pro-abortion forces can taunt their opponents. They can talk about “a woman’s body,” which is not the issue; it’s the body inside the woman’s body that is the issue. They can talk about what might happen if abortion isn’t legal. But they can’t talk about the act that they are promoting.

They can’t talk about it because it involves terminating a human life.


Abortion opponents believe in protecting innocent human life. And they believe in obeying the laws of the land. That is why they stand by and protest peacefully while abortion doctors kill millions and a small number of mentally ill or misguided individuals have killed a handful of abortion doctors.

In other words, the exception proves the rule.

Any time the poor-choicers denounce us for our terrorism, just call them on their vulturism: their inflated, overheated and deceptive rhetoric designed to manipulate the public, and which profits from the shooting of an abortionist.