Saturday, June 06, 2009

VIDEO: MPP Frank Klees introduces bill to abolish Section 13 in Ont. Human Rights law #roft #pcpo

...but opposes abolishing the Human Rights Commission.

The whole system is flawed and unnecessary. But whatever. It's a start. We can gauge support for this among politicians.


I thought it was strange that Ontario had a Section 13...

From the Randy Hillier campaign:

Legislative “stunt” misfires as Klees confuses federal and provincial laws
(June 8th, Perth, Ontario) –– Randy Hillier, candidate for the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, today called on his opponent Frank Klees to immediately withdraw his Private Members Bill aimed at repealing Section 13 of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, calling the Bill “a stunt that confuses federal and provincial laws.”

Hillier was reacting to Klees’ statements that the Bill, if passed, will “remove Section 13 of the Ontario Human Rights Act” which Klees claims is being used by Ontario’s Human Rights Commission to deal with matters relating to freedom of expression and freedom of speech. A copy of the Klees press release can be viewed by visiting at:

“In the first place, there is no Ontario Human Rights Act,” explained Hiller. “There is an Ontario Human Rights Code, but Section 13 of that Code has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom of speech.”
“Mr. Klees is clearly confusing Section 13 of the Ontario Human Rights Code with Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act which has been used extensively to limit freedom of expression in this country.” Hillier continued. “The Canadian Human Rights Act is a federal law and cannot be amended provincially.”

“It’s troubling that someone running for the leadership of our party would have so little respect for the legislative process that he would neglect to conduct even a minimum of research before tabling a bill,” said Hillier. “It calls into question the credibility of Mr. Klees and his campaign.”

Randy Hillier is a leading voice on the issue of the Human Rights Commission (HRC), having been the first leadership candidate to call for it’s abolition.

Randy Hillier was first elected to the Ontario legislature in October 2007 – winning one of three new seats for the PC Party of Ontario – and was the party’s critic for rural affairs.

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