Thursday, June 18, 2009

A surprising column at Reality Check: Sex is Sacred

David Gushee at Rheality Check:

I went on to say: That values level has been touched on with the phrase, "the sacredness of sex." Sex is indeed sacred. My Christian tradition would say that sex is a good gift from God that is deeply important interpersonally and as the means by which the next generation is brought into the world. Our society has cheapened sex and thereby damaged relationships between men and women while endangering the next generation. We need the president (and all of us committed to this issue) to include as part of any abortion reduction proposal some kind of values-laden language reminding Americans that sex is sacred, it is not just a fun game, it is not just an occasion for pleasure, and it must not just be used as a way to get something from somebody and then leave them behind. We need to emphasize the dignity of each person and the dignity of the sexual act between persons, and to call for the appropriate reverence and responsibility in this area of life. (At least, I hope I said that. I am saying it now, anyway.)

Wow. A nice first step. These are the words of someone who is on the path to the Culture of Life. Many of the commenters were upset at this post.

Gushee emphasizes the dignity of the human person, and how making sex utilitarian and cheap can degrade that dignity.

Unfortuanately, he hasn't reached the next step: that of placing sex within the context of marriage.

It's precisely because it is sacred, and it produces children that it needs regulation. It needs the context of marriage to get the most out of it. The logic of love is that you stick around through thick and thin. Sex is supposed to be an expression of that love. Children are supposed to be the fruit of that love.

Contraception makes sex cheap. Because it makes sex appear to have no consequences, it can give you the impression that you can do it as much as you want with anyone you want.

Widespread contraception has led to the sexual license of our present day.

And when that when that widespread contraception fails, it leads to widespread abortion.